Sketchbook Month is now closed. Congrats to Everyone!

Sketchbook Month 2011 is officially over. Congratulations to all the artists who participated. I laid down a challenge and quite a few of you took it up. By the end of the month over 780 sketches were posted and the blog received over 15,400 page views.  There were 51 artists who participated from a total of six countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Jordan, Norway and the U.S.).  Several of you told me how much fun you had and a few of you made some new connections with other artists. You can all be proud of the terrific, inspiring work you did.

I also owe a *huge* thank you to my lovely wife for the countless hours she spent uploading everyone’s art onto the blog. Honey, you’re the best! What would I do without you?

I for one definitely grew as an artist over the past month and I hope the same for all of you. Keep on a-sketchin’!


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Day 31 – Rob Smith, Jr.

From Rob Smith, Jr.’s blog

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Day 31 – Nicholas Jackson

From Nicholas Jackson’s blog

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Day 31 – Cullen Cox

From Cullen Cox’s blog

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Day 31 – Doug Jones

From Doug Jones’ blog

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Day 31 – Bruno Chekerdimian

From Bruno Chekerdimian’s blog

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Day 31-Corbett Vanoni

From Corbett Vanoni’s blog.

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Day 31 – Dan Moynihan

From Dan Moynihan’s blog

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Day 31 – Trygve Olson

From Trygve Olson’s blog

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Day 31 – Catherine Grayson

From Catherine Grayson’s blog

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